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Addicted to Chaos

...Welcome to my hide away...

1 February 1990
My name is Antonija, I am 20 - Aquarius - from Croatia.

I love many things - books, movies, anime - that has something to do with fantasy and science fiction. I also love psychological thrillers and any kind of dramas. I used to be a crazy Harry Potter fan, but not anymore. The other books I absolutely love are Miles Vorkosigan series, Idlewild, His dark materials and Twilight series...

I am a psychology student, 2nd year, hopefully third very soon.

I am very light-hearted and easily amused, pretty much frank and honest and although many people think of me as a shy person, those closer to me know that I'm not ashamed to do all sorts of random stupid stuff.

Music I listen varies abnormally. I used to listen rock and metal, but while I still enjoy hearing those old tunes now and then, my heart has completely gone to South Korea and their pop music. I listen almost all boy bands and girl bands there are in k-pop, but my top five are Super Junior, DBSK, SS501, SHINee and U-kiss. I used to be into anime and manga (though I still read/watch some, but not as much as before) so of course, I started listening japanese music as well, mostly their rock. To sum up, I listen everything, with the recent emphasis on k-pop. Oh and I love watching korean dramas, with my favorite drama, show, EVER, being You're beautiful. I also liked Boys over flowers, Coffee Prince, God of Study and am currently watching Personal Taste (Lee Minho is love).

Joy to all k-pop fans XD